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Connect, customize & control with C-Monster 2.0

The C-Monster 2.0 network is at the heart of the innovations currently being developed by JL Marine, Inc. It is what enables individual accessories on your boat to become an interconnected system so that you can control and optimize the performance of those accessories. C-Monster was built specifically for the marine industry from the ground up so it doesn’t have the limitations of previous wireless technology like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, including the ability to connect and control multiple products at once. This technology is standard on all Power-Pole products so as we continue to innovate, you’ll be able to stay up-to-date with the latest technology as it comes available.

The Network The Industry Trusts

The C-Monster Control System 2.0 is quickly becoming the industry standard when it comes to creating an onboard wireless network.  Industry leaders such as Lowrance and SIMRAD have already adapted this technology into their multifunction devices with more manufacturers coming on board every day. Not only does the C-Monster network allow for the adoption of the most current Power-Pole products and technology, it will ensure that every boat is ready for future innovations as well.


Download the New & Improved C-Monster App

Taking Total Boat Control to the next level

The C-Monster app, available for both Android and Apple iOS, received an overhaul for 2020 with improvements to both the functionality and the aesthetics. The app allows you to connect, customize and control the entire family of Power-Pole products connected to the C-Monster network through your Power-Pole VISION, smart phone or tablet.

Keep your Anchor System Up-to-date with the C-Monster App


The Smartest Network Available


  • Settings configuration. Customize the settings of any of your connected devices to maximize their performance. Take full control of your anchors by customizing everything from deployment speed to independent or synchronized control of multiple anchors. Not to mention Auto Up/Auto Down and bottom sensing.
  • Instant diagnostics for troubleshooting with AMP Streaming.

    The information is sent directly to Power-Pole tech support so we can instantly diagnose any issues so you can count on little or no down time.

  • RSSI evaluation allows you to check signal strength of all your remotes.

    This allows you to instantly see if your signal is weak or if any other devices are disrupting your signal.

  • Software updates.

    When you receive app updates your pump and controllers are updated automatically through the app as well.

  • Quick product registration.

    Now you can easily register your Power-Pole anchors and accessories directly through the app. 

  • Theft recovery.

    Once you register your Power-Pole anchor with the C-Monster app, if it’s ever stolen we can help law enforcement track and recover it.


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